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MindShift Coaching Cards

Unleash Your Creative Muse: MindShift Coaching Cards - Ditch the Block, Embrace Brilliance 

Is your creativity on autopilot? Has writer's block got you down? Does design feel cliché? Enter MindShift Coaching Cards, your game-changing ticket to fresh ideas, shifted perspectives, and unlocked creative potential!

Forget poker faces and royal flushes. This is different from your average deck. MindShift packs 75 prompts and exercises designed to:

  • Challenge assumptions: See your project through your critic's eyes, study your field like an anthropologist, or envision its future in 100 years.

  • Spark actionable inspiration: Blindfolded drawings, one-word pitches, and personality collabs flow your creative juices.

  • Fuel your spirit: 20 quotes from creative masters ignite your inner fire.

  • Play solo or collaborate: Discover solo strategies, group activities, and ways to weave MindShift into your daily routine.


Ready for a taste? Download your FREE Mini Deck!

  • 5 Action Prompts: Get hands-on and watch unexpected ideas emerge.

  • 5 Shift Prompts: Challenge your usual thinking and open doors to new perspectives.

  • 10 Inspiration Quotes: Let creative giants like Maya Angelou and David Bowie spark your inner flame.

Download your FREE Mini Deck here and unlock a world of creative possibilities!

Dive into the full MindShift deck and:

  • Break free from creative blocks and self-doubt.

  • Boost confidence and embrace the iterative journey of creation.

  • Spark collaboration and fuel teamwork with powerful prompts and exercises.

  • Discover new voices, styles, and approaches to your work.

MindShift-FREE Mini Deck
Download • 237KB

MindShift isn't just a game; it's a catalyst for creative breakthroughs. So shuffle the deck, shift your perspective, and watch your imagination take flight!


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