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Love Bingo | Kindness activities for kids

Love Blooms (and Discounts) this Valentine's Day: Cultivate Kindness with "Love Bingo"!

Gnome of Love-Love Bingo

As a designer and developer of coaching games, I believe deeply in the power of fun and accessible tools to foster personal and professional growth. What better time to celebrate this than Valentine's Day, a day dedicated to love in all its forms? I'm thrilled to introduce Love Bingo, a heartwarming game inspired by the beloved children's book Gymnodon.

Gymnodon, available on Amazon, takes children on a magical journey with 24 gnomes representing different feelings and values. This book and the tools I create empower open communication and emotional exploration, making them valuable resources for parents, educators, and therapists.

Now, with Love Bingo, I'm extending Gymnodon's world into engaging action!

Kindness activities for kids

This downloadable game, created and available exclusively on my digital store, offers five unique boards packed with 45 heart-warming tasks. Each act of kindness falls under one of four categories:

  • Gold Hearts: Spreading love through kind words and affirmations.

  • Green Hearts: Lending a helping hand and making a difference.

  • Pink Hearts: Giving thoughtful gifts, big or small, to show you care.

  • Red Hearts: Spending quality time with loved ones and creating cherished memories.

Here's how it blooms:

  1. Choose a board: Cater to different ages and interests with five diverse themes.

  2. Plant kindness seeds: Complete acts of love listed on your chosen board.

  3. Mark your growth: Use heart-shaped markers (not included) to track your progress.

  4. Celebrate love! Be the first to get 3 in a row and shout, "Love Blooms!"

  5. Keep growing: Remember, the actual prize is spreading kindness everywhere!

But wait, there's more! To celebrate Valentine's Day, Love Bingo is 50% off! You can download this heartwarming game for just $5 until the end of February. It's the perfect gift for yourself, your children, or any loved one who wants to nurture kindness and joy.

Love Bingo: Bloom Where You're Planted is more than just a game; it's a fun and engaging way to:

  • Strengthen family bonds and friendships.

  • Teach children valuable life skills like empathy and compassion.

  • Promote emotional intelligence and healthy self-expression.

  • Create lasting memories filled with love and laughter.

This Valentine's Day, skip the store-bought gifts and bloom love with Love Bingo! Download your copy today and watch your family blossom into kind, compassionate individuals.

Remember, Gymnodon's world of tools starts with the book on Amazon and expands with downloadable resources like Love Bingo kindness activities for kids on my digital store! Let's continue nurturing a world filled with love and kindness, one playful step at a time. For more Gymnodon printable products for kids-click here.


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