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Happy to Create

Sharing the love of creation with a happy tool

Let's face it: creativity is a dynamic path with deadlines and client feedback. It's a joyous playground of "what ifs" and unexpected twists, but it can also get tangled in self-doubt and perfectionism.

That's where "24Happy" comes in! This charming card game and journal are your playful guides to igniting your inner child, unleashing creativity, and injecting sunshine into your everyday. Forget stuffy rules and restrictive agendas; "24Happy" is about celebrating the messy, joyful journey of creation.

From Whimsical Idea to Vibrant Reality:

As a creative junkie myself, I crave the thrill of crafting new things – from crafting captivating campaigns to weaving immersive escape rooms. But amidst the joy, the creative struggles are real. I poured my heart into creating "24Happy," a no-pressure space to explore, experiment, and rediscover the pure joy of making.

Happy to create

Peek Inside the Playground:

24Happy is different from your typical rule-bound game. It's an invitation to play:

  • Twenty-four unique cards: Each day for 24 days, shuffle the deck and pick a card to jumpstart your creative spark.

  • Uplifting quotes: Get inspired by beautiful, thought-provoking words that ignite your inner sunshine.

  • Journal prompts: Reflect, doodle, and capture your creative journey on the accompanying journal pages.

  • There are endless possibilities: Use "24Happy" as a morning ritual, a daily dose of inspiration, or simply a playful prompt to fuel your day.

Here's a tip:

Start your 24-day practice by picking a random card each morning. Savor the quote, then let the journal prompt guide you into a world of playful exploration. No overthinking allowed; embrace the flow and see where your creativity takes you!

Ready to unlock a happier, more creative you?

Download your free "24Happy" journal today and let the sunshine in!

For more tools and resources visit the Mined.

Happy Journal
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