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Gnome of Love's Love Bug Hunt | Coaching Game (Printable PDF)

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Gnome of Love's Love Bug Hunt (Printable PDF): A Kindness Scavenger Hunt with a Sprinkle of Magic!

Join Gnome of Love on a kindness quest! Download this adorable printable game and transform it into a Kindness Detective. Each heart-shaped "Love Bug" holds a secret mission – a fun act of kindness to spread joy like glitter!

How the Hunt Works:

  • Hide the Love Bugs: Print and hide cute heart cards around your home, yard, or classroom.
  • Find & Act! Discover a heart, read the kindness mission aloud, and complete it! (Example: "Give someone a compliment that warms their heart!")
  • Spread the Sparkle: Become a Kindness Hero and make the world happier.
  • Get Creative: Make your Love Bugs with blank heart cards and new kindness ideas.

Why Kids (and Adults!) Love This Game

  • Fun & Magical: A sprinkle of Gnome of Love magic turns kindness into an adventure.
  • Active & Interactive: Perfect for wiggly kids who love scavenger hunts.
  • Grows Kindness Skills: Teaches about generosity, empathy, and making a difference.
  • Adaptable: Play indoors, outdoors, solo, or with a group.


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