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Facing Stories: A Self-Discovery Card Game & Workbook Bundle

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Unlock the power of your personal narrative with the Facing Stories bundle! This unique set includes a beautifully designed card deck with thought-provoking prompts and a guided workbook filled with introspective exercises.

Discover the transformative potential of storytelling:

  • Deepen self-awareness: Explore your past experiences, relationships, and values through journaling and reflection.
  • Gain clarity and perspective: Process challenging moments and extract valuable lessons from your life's journey.
  • Spark creativity: Unleash your inner storyteller and craft compelling narratives that resonate with others.
  • Foster meaningful connections: Share your stories with friends, family, or a group to build stronger bonds and understanding.
  • Embrace personal growth: Use the insights gained from your stories to create positive change and live a more fulfilling life.


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