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Gamification- Content Wonderland Part 1

Gamification- Content Wonderland Part 1

Gamification Wonderland: Your Content's Mad Tea Party (Part 1)

Follow the White Rabbit Down the Content Hole: Have you ever wished your content could hold readers captive like a Cheshire Cat grin? Gamification is the key to transforming dry text into an enchanting Wonderland of engagement.

Every adventure requires a first step Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

First Step: A Mad Hatter Party of Questions:

Before your content joins the Mad Hatter's tea party, you need to ask yourself some crucial questions:

  • Why? Is your aim to boost brand awareness, drive sales, or guide users through a learning journey?

  • Who?: Picture your ideal player, their interests, and knowledge level.

  • What?: Define the game's purpose, both overt and hidden.

  • Where & When?: Choose the platform and timeframe for your content adventure.

Next Stop: The Queen of Hearts' Palace of Offer:

What's your prize? New knowledge, practical tools, or a chance to win real-world rewards? Craft an offer that makes users shout, "Off with their heads!" (in a metaphorical sense, of course).

Then, Dive into the Rabbit Hole of Needs:

What needs will your content product meet? Learning and development, information accessibility, branding, community building – the possibilities are as endless as the White Rabbit's pockets!

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality. Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

And Now, Build Your Wonderland Draft:

Think of this as your Cheshire Cat's grin – the overarching structure of your content game. Choose a broad format, like a children's book, that can expand into future games, videos, workshops, and more.

Ready for the Caterpillars' Race?

Time to set the rules! How will players win? Is there a loss or infinite gameplay? And how will progress be tracked, like the Caterpillar munching on a mushroom?

Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures... Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Finally, Dress Up for the Mad Hatter's Ball:

This is where your game's language shines! Design, colors, characters, and visuals all tell a story. Remember, the correct language, like a Mad Hatter riddle, can enhance knowledge.

Want to dive deeper into creating your content, Wonderland? Visit our digital store!

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we paint red roses with game mechanics and rules!

Gamification- Content Wonderland Part 1

We are all mad here. Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


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