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Designer Summer Camp

Unleash Your Creativity with AI & Freebies 

Summer's sizzling, and so is the design scene! With AI tools booming and inspiration everywhere, I created designer goodies for my newsletter fam. And guess what? The process was oh-so-simple and insanely fun, and you can do it too!

So, buckle up for Designer Summer Camp! We'll explore:

  • Sparking ideas: Ditch the blank page! I used special days like Read a Book Day and Positive Thinking Day for inspiration. You can find inspiration anywhere: holidays, current events, and hobbies!

  • AI as your wingman: Unleash the power of AI tools like Midjourney for captivating visuals. I used it to create a dreamy pattern for my author-inspired writing journal (think faces, stars, hearts, and doodles!).

  • Canva to the rescue: Design magic made easy! I used Canva to whip up the journal pages, a positive thinking coaching card game, and even some vibrant recipe pages (perfect for my fellow foodie friends!).

  • Sharing the love: Spread the design joy! Showcase your creations in your newsletter, social media, or website. Engage your audience, build relationships, and show off your excellent skills.

Here's a peek at my designer summer camp creations:

Authors Mind: A writing journal bursting with prompts inspired by famous authors (available for download!).

Great Minds Think Positively is a coaching card game that boosts communication, self-discovery, and new perspectives (get your hands on it!).

Colorful Recipe Pages: Say goodbye to scribbled scraps! These downloadable pages keep your culinary creations organized and stylish (download away!).

National Cooking Day (September 25)
Recipe Pages
Download • 58KB

But Designer Summer Camp isn't just about freebies (though those are pretty sweet!). It's about igniting your creative spark, exploring the possibilities of AI tools, and discovering the joy of crafting something unique.

Creating is a journey, not a destination. So, grab your imagination, embrace the summer vibes, and unleash your inner designer!


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