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Cheers for Jean

About wine and economy blog post

Cheers for Jean: Unveiling Abundance Between Sips and Stats

A toast to Jean-Baptiste Say, the economist who taught me more over a glass of wine than any textbook ever could.

Remember those college econ lectures that sent your eyes glazing over? Yeah, me too. I enrolled with textbook enthusiasm, determined to crack the code of supply and demand. But somewhere between "integral herd behavior" and "nominal GDP," my enthusiasm plummeted faster than a stock market crash. Economics wasn't my calling.

“The sea and wind can at the same time convey my neighbor's vessel and my own.” Jean-Baptiste Say

But here's the beauty of life: lessons blossom in unexpected corners. While my economist dreams may have withered, Jean-Baptiste Say, a 19th-century thinker, planted some juicy wisdom that still fuels my creative fire. And where did this revelation unfold? Not under the fluorescent glare of a lecture hall but under the warm glow of a French restaurant, wine glass brimming with liquid inspiration.

Say's Law whispers of abundance, a symphony of supply and demand where everyone's needs get met, like the wind and sea carrying boats to their harbors. There is no cutthroat competition, just a harmonious flow of giving and receiving. And it clicked: abundance isn't a pie with limited slices; it's a limitless feast waiting to be shared.

Here's what the good ol' Jean taught me, sip by sip:

  • Abundance blooms best under laughter and sunlight. Don't underestimate the power of an excellent wine-fueled brainstorming session – it might unlock your next big idea.

  • What you offer matters. Polish your skills, nurture your talent, and the world will beat a path to your door. Your unique gifts are treasures waiting to be discovered.

  • The wind and sea always deliver. Trust the flow of life. Opportunities abound, just like the ever-present sea breeze and the constant tide.

  • Know your North Star. Before you set sail, chart your course. Knowing your destination keeps you focused and prevents aimless drifting.

  • Embrace the skeptics. Don't shy away from healthy debate. When someone challenges your assumptions, it's an invitation to sharpen your arguments and refine your vision.

Remember that lottery I ran for my book "Gymnodon"? Jean-Baptiste Say's spirit was woven into every ticket. It was a celebration of abundance, a chance to believe that everyone has a shot at winning, not just in some lucky draw, but in the grand game of life.

So, raise a glass, dear reader, and toast to the unexpected lessons and hidden treasures waiting to be unearthed. Whether you're an artist, a baker, a coder, or a dreamer, believe in the power of your unique offering and set sail towards your shores of abundance.

And just like the sea wind that guides a ship, let The Mined be your compass:

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