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Portfolio-BookIn Case Study

Keren Levi Faran

Project: BookIn User App and Landing Page

Role: UX|UI Design | Branding
Tools: Figma, Canva, Miro


Immerse with Stories

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
Jorge Luis Borges

BookIn is a pioneering platform that disrupts the traditional reading experience. By seamlessly blending virtual and augmented reality within a metaverse library, BookIn offers unprecedented levels of immersion, social connection, and innovative storytelling.


To address the changing needs of readers, BookIn aimed to go beyond simple e-books, offering multi-sensory journeys, richer social interactions, and a technology-driven evolution of storytelling.

As the UX Designer for BookIn, I led the charge in shaping a user-centric experience that would cultivate a deep, lasting connection with literature in a groundbreaking way.

My approach centered on in-depth user research, exploring how book lovers, writers, and younger generations desired to interact with stories. Prioritizing high-impact features,  I balanced effort with user value at every step.

The outcome of this project is a platform that reimagines reading as a dynamic, community-oriented experience. From immersive environments to personalized recommendations, BookIn transforms the relationship between readers and the written word.


BookIn: Redefining Reading for the Immersive Age

This in-depth analysis revealed BookIn's core strengths, like its immersive format and potential to spark engaged communities. Understanding weaknesses, such as high costs and the importance of intuitive design, helps us focus resources effectively and prioritize user experience. We've identified exciting opportunities in education and author partnerships while keeping threats like tech giants and changing platforms in mind. This analysis lays a strategic foundation, informing design decisions to capitalize on strengths, address weaknesses, seize opportunities, and mitigate foreseeable risks throughout BookIn's development.

Portfolio-BookIn Case Study
“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”
Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood
Portfolio-BookIn Case Study

With a deep understanding of the literary heart beating within its diverse users, BookIn's branding and UI must strive to embody these insights. From its visual identity to its navigation features, design choices emphasize personalization, connection, and discovery. BookIn must transcend the role of a mere platform. It must become a companion – a catalyst for inspiration, a hub for shared passions, and a place where the love of story thrives in an age of innovation.

Our user journeys revealed the diverse ambitions, emotions, and challenges readers, authors, and educators bring to their literary experiences. These journeys became the cornerstone of BookIn's design. We focused on intuitive tools and inspirational educator communities for passionate educators like Mark. To reignite Emily's thrill of literary discovery, we developed nuanced search capabilities and AI-powered personalized recommendations. Understanding Sarah's need for reciprocal support, we envisioned virtual writing workshops where constructive mentorship fosters growth. And to meet tech enthusiasts like Alex, BookIn embraces curated immersive experiences, fostering communities where tech innovators, authors, and engaged readers push the boundaries of storytelling together.

Crafting Solutions From Empathy

BookIn began with a profound love for literature and a conviction that technology can expand, not replace, the joy of storytelling. Our metaverse library, propelled by VR and AR, seeks to rekindle the magic of reading for a diverse audience. We envisioned a vibrant community – a digital sanctuary where passionate readers connect, spark insightful debates, and discover new creative frontiers. By prioritizing seamless user experience honed through extensive research, we addressed the needs of both tech-savvy early adopters and those cautiously transitioning into immersive literary spaces. Our goal is not simply to revolutionize reading but to craft a space where an enduring love for literature thrives alongside boundless innovation.


Haruki Murakami eloquently reminds us, 'If you only read the books everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.' BookIn embraces this call for independent thought – it's a platform for forging individual literary paths, discovering the unexpected, and reimagining the boundaries of narrative experience.

In My Book... Final Thoughts

BookIn's core mission is to ignite a new reading age fueled by immersive technology and community connection. Our brand identity reflects this:

Color: Soft, evocative hues whisper untold stories, hinting at the boundless potential of the metaverse. Warm accents symbolize discovery, while a foundation of calm sophistication ensures that focus stays on the immersive power of the content itself.
Logo: Our minimalist logo embodies the journey, transforming the classic form of a book into a VR headset. This conveys the seamless merging of timeless narrative with innovative tech, inviting readers to step into the stories they love
Typography: Exo typeface balances futuristic leanings with classic elegance. With varying weights and exceptional readability, it ensures BookIn's interface supports long reading sessions and caters to users of all backgrounds.

The BookIn Experience: From Inspiration to UI

These carefully crafted elements go beyond visuals – they inform our UX principles:

Personalization: Drawing from the warmth of our palette, book recommendations are presented with visual flourishes reminiscent of classic library cards, inspiring discovery and fostering an individualized experience.
Community: Forums prioritize light, open color schemes, and intuitive navigation, mimicking the inviting feel of cozy reading nooks and encouraging genuine exchange between like-minded book lovers.
Accessibility: Exo's clarity and restrained palette contribute to high-contrast UI elements. This is not just aesthetics but an intentional choice to support a range of users, fostering an inclusive, welcoming reading environment.
Transforming Stories into Immersive Adventures

With a strong brand foundation built on empathy for user needs, we focused on crafting a captivating digital experience. Our landing page and app screens embody the thrill of exploring new literary worlds, prioritizing ease of use while echoing the spirit of limitless possibilities within our brand. It's time to reveal how BookIn's design translates a vision into reality.
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