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UX Design Portfolio

Keren Levi-Faran

Fluent in Tech, Speaking Human

Hi, I'm Keren. My background may be unconventional, but it's shaped me into a UX designer with a unique perspective. A decade ago, my experience as a COO honed my ability to understand user needs and streamline processes for greater efficiency. Since 2015, I've led B2B content strategy within a digital agency, partnering with global tech giants like Dell Technologies, VMware, AWS, and Autodesk. This has given me deep empathy for user journeys, data-driven storytelling skills, and a strong grasp of B2B dynamics.

UC Berkeley's UX/UI/FE bootcamp program solidified these skills with technical expertise and user-centered principles. Now, I'm ready to merge my strategic thinking, B2B insight, and compelling design to solve real-world problems with user-focused solutions.

My portfolio features a blend of passion projects and academic work. From AI-powered branding solutions to immersive reading experiences,  I explore how UX can enhance business goals and shape the future of user interaction. Ready to see how my diverse perspective fuels business success? Explore my portfolio below!


“The only source of knowledge is experience.”
Albert Einstein
“How are you going to find out about things if you don't ask questions?”
L.M. Montgomery
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